Smartphone Photography

Your best camera is the one that is always with you. For most of us, and when it comes to smartphone photography, that means our smartphone.

It is small enough to fit in your pocket and lightweight enough it won’t break your back.

Smartphones have advanced to the point where stunning images are only a few screen taps away.

Mobile photography or iPhoneography is for snapping those precious moments. We use it to capture the world around us.

From friends and family, to travel landscapes. Not to mention all the food we eat. Nothing is safe from the quick snap of a smartphone camera.

Look at the millions of images on Instagram and Facebook.

Smartphone photography is a great way to capture the world around you. Both candid images and planned shots are possible.

Browse through our complete guide, then read it in depth. We’ll equip you with all you need to know to take advantage of the camera you’re always carrying around.

Smartphone Possibilities

Android Vs. iPhone

There are two different types of cellphone, Android and iOS.

iPhone is the only company that uses iOS. Whereas there are many smartphone manufacturers that use the Android operating system.

Both of these smartphones share some similarities and some differences.

One thing that sets the iPhone apart is the many accessories you can buy and use. The Android side of the family lacks in this department.

On the flip side, Androids’ technology is rapidly evolving, as it needs to compete with the Apple giant.

One instance is Huawei partnering with Leica. This camera company makes the cameras for the Huawei smartphone.

All smartphones have the same basic function and are needed for smartphone photography

Does the Camera Matter: SLR, Mirrorless & Smartphone

There are instances where the camera might matter. And other circumstances where you would never tell the difference.

It will always be better to have a camera rather than none.

Many people, might not want to take their 1.7kg DSLR and lens with them all the time. Unless they’re seasoned photographers or avid camera-carriers.

Your phone sits in your pocket at an unnoticeable 140g. One situation where a smartphone is helpful is having web images immediately. No resizing needed.

Using Facebook, a blog post or dedicated website photo, your images will likely be around 700px.

This is where your 22MP DSLR, 16MP Mirrorless or 12MP phone images all become reduced to the same size.

Read here for more information whether your camera really matters (spoiler -It doesn’t!)

Photographs from smartphones and mirrorless or DSLR systems are all the same when condensed for web

12 iPhone Photography Tips for Better Photos

Smartphones are one of the most versatile pieces of equipment you will ever own. Apart from making calls (It makes calls?!), it is your way to the World Wide Web on the move.

It can store all your photographs, you can use it to write things down and now, can store your location. Geotagging is also very handy when it comes to your photography.

As an avid photographer, you will need to scout locations. Or you might come across an area without your camera.

Especially useful if abroad, geotagging will allow you to save your exact location.

Using your smart phone for location scouting using geotagging can really help your smartphone photography

Moto Z Smartphone

It was only a matter of time before smartphone cameras replaced the daily use of other cameras, such as DSLRs.

Who wants to carry around all that junk when you have a perfectly good camera in your pocket?

One problem with this is ergonomics. While the design of cameras has developed specifically to sit in your hands, smartphones haven’t.

They are thin bricks of glass, metal, and plastic. The Hasselblad True Zoom joined with the Moto Z and came up with a solution for this shortcoming.

A point and shoot camera that sticks to a smartphone. Reading is believing, so start believing here.

The Hasselblad True Zoom and Moto Z is an innovative system for smartphone photography
Suzi Pratt

Smartphone Phone Gear

5 Lens Recommendations

When it comes to your smartphone camera, your perspective is limited. In the days where iphoneography was a new thing, you had to zoom using your feet.

Nowadays, there are some wonderful (and weird) lenses. These will help you capture stunning images.

Macro, wide-angle and telephoto lenses are available. But so are adapters for DSLR lenses.

These are great when moving isn’t an option. Read here for the best five lenses money can buy.

Lenses can really help you get the most out of your smartphone photography

Case Recommendations for Smartphone Photography

Everyone needs to have a cellphone case. Why on earth would you spend hundreds of dollars on a fragile phone, made from glass, and not protect it?

If you are photographing using your cellphone, why not get a specific case. There are some particularly designed for smartphone photography.

Have a look at the case made by Moment. They are premiere lens makers, and this case incorporates their lens right into it.

It has a better grip than the phone, and even comes with a wrist strap.

A case not only protects your phone, but can have built-in lenses for helping your smartphone photography

Smartphone Photography Accessories

Everyone has the same iPhone or Android as they only come in limited colors.

Personalization comes through the choice of case and the glorious aesthetic of broken screens. No two are the same.

There are other accessories that will help your smartphone photography. One of these is a steadicam for your cellphone.

One of the biggest problems with using your cellphone to photograph is movement or ‘blurriness’.

The Steadicam ensures stabilization. This gives you sharper, clear images.

Read here for more ideas on accessories to benefit you and your smartphone photography.

Smartphone accessories will help you get the most out of your smartphone photography

What Is the Best iPhone Tripod? Top Picks

Another way to keep your cell phone still while photographing is by using a tripod.  A tripod keeps your cellphone stuck to the object it is placed on.

You will need to keep your camera as still as possible. Especially for time-lapses, long exposures or photographing anything in low light conditions.

This tripod is as small and lightweight as your smartphone.

Coming at you in the size and shape of a credit card, this tripod is unnoticeable. You might even forget you have it.

Read all about it here, in our article.

A tripod will keep your mobile perfectly still for those long exposures in your smartphone photography shots
Brad Puet

Smartphone Triggers

Sometimes, using your smartphone to take pictures is obvious. It can lead to people screaming and running away as if Godzilla was in town.

But there is a way around this. Investing in a trigger trap can mean you can capture that candid image every time.

It is a cable release for cellphones. They allow you to click the shutter from anywhere. Even your pocket.

This will make it look as if you are skyping a friend, or trying to get signal.

The general public will be none the wiser. Read our article for the multitude of uses this gadget has.

A mobile trigger is a shutter release for use in your smartphone photography

How To Start

Smartphone Photography: How to Take Advantage of the Camera You Carry Everywhere

Everyone and their mother has a smartphone. This doesn’t mean that each one of us can take a stunning photograph.

It takes more than simply raising the camera and pressing the shutter.

Taking photographs is very easy. This is once you have a grasp on focus, exposure, composition and image editing.

The first tip to ensuring great smartphone captures is to clean the lens.

This is overlooked until you look at your images later that day and notice the blurs and smudges.

Be wary of rain, as the water droplets cause blurry images and are very difficult to fix.

One great smartphone photography tip to help you start is to focus on the exposure of your image
Paul Moore

12 Different Smartphone Photography Themes You Can Try Today

If you are starting to focus on your smartphone photography, it might be helpful to concentrate on a genre.

This will give you a focus on what to photograph. One area might be capturing portraits using your smartphone.

One tip for capturing stunning portraits with your smartphone is to use soft light rather than harsh light.

Use this light to correctly expose the photograph based on the skin tone.

There are many more genres and tips in our article which you can read here.

Portrait photography is just one genre of smartphone photography
Emil Pakarklis

How to Use Your Smartphone to Create Stunning Light Painting Photography

Light trails are a great way to capture interesting night time smartphone photography images.

These lights act as leading lines, bringing your eyes into the image. They are fun to make and easy to create.

The idea is that you stabilize your camera and capture a long exposure of a busy street. The passing cars will illuminate the scene, adding this red and white path of light.

An image showing light trails brings in the idea of movement in a still image. It adds depth and helps to turn a dull image into something with a little more interest.

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