Improve Productivity Through Gadgets

1. Simple Writing Apps

Sometimes, the most complicated problems have simple solutions. When you are fighting your way through multiple tasks, your thoughts can get pretty mixed up. You don’t want things to become even more confusing with complicated apps. All you might need is the comfortable familiarity of a simple notepad. Apps like Google Docs, Google Keep or other plain digital notebooks understood the benefits of keeping things simple. In times of need, you can easily open them up, and start writing directly what you think without the interruptions of fancy features.

2. Noise Cancelling Headphones

If you work like most people in an office, the chances are that you are accustomed to background noise. The truth is that there are few moments of quiet in the workplace. Chatting, music, giggles, yawns, and even machines like a photocopier or air conditioner don’t actually make the best symphony together. This is why a pair of noise-canceling headphones would be a great investment for your productivity. So, you might want to check out products like Bose QuietComfort or Plantronics BackBeat Pro for a more affordable price.

3. Transfer your Files through Thin Air

If we could eliminate the trivial things that waste plenty of our precious time entirely, the increase in productivity would rapidly show itself. One of these time-consuming tasks is file sharing. How would you quickly send 10G of data?

There is a tiny app, called AirDrop, that can send your files no matter how big they are to the people next to you. When you look closer at how the AirDrop works, you’ll find it better than Bluetooth. The app can be found on Apple products and it can be used to send websites, personal contact details or personal notes without any trouble.

 4. Practice Meditation

Some people might ask how meditation would help them become more productive when it actually takes time to focus on it. However, a 5-minute session has stunning effects. You will find it easier to concentrate on important tasks. Moreover, you will no longer feel the need to fill your time with mindless occupations, like Internet browsing without a purpose. You will also find your willpower more easily to overcome procrastination.

So, you might have to find 5 minutes a day to practice meditation, but its success will have a great impact on your workday. There are already some apps to get you started, like Calm, Headspace, Smiling Mind or Relax Melodies.

5. Physical Training

When your mind starts snoozing, you have zero chances of getting it back on productivity grounds. Unless you tell your body to pump up energy to the brain. The only way to do that is to drop everything you do and start exercising. Applications like Couch to 5k and Workout Trainer will give your efforts a purpose and structure. However, you can also invest in a desk exercise bike that you can use while working.

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