Google Home: Is this the best Smart Home Device in the market?

When it comes to smart home devices in India there are many devices in the market that are easily available either it comes with amazing features or not. If you are planning to buy a smart device for your home but confused with the selection you want to pick the best product then this article will help you know all about google home. Since Google is a large brand in the international market you will also find its huge popularity in the Indian market as well. We will also discuss theĀ google home price India so that you get a better idea of its pricing and set a budget while buying this. To know more kindly continue reading below:

Let us first look at the competition in the smart speaker industry, there are other brands and manufacturers in the Indian market with Amazon’s Echo whose prices start at 3,499. It comes with some amazing features such as Alexa allowing Artificial Intelligence, Play Songs, News Articles Tv Control etc. Google home, on the other hand, also comes with a few similar features but include something special in it.

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Let us discuss some of the best features of the Google Home you can use it if you are planning to buy.

  • Construct and Design:

The design of Google home is very basic and has a clean frontal appearance. The upper part of the body is made of plastic and the bottom panel is lined with fabric that comes in a very convenient cylindrical shape that can be used anywhere in your home. It has a touch panel at the top with touch-sensitive buttons for physically manipulating the system such as the playback of audio volume and the next button etc. Overall the build quality is decent but the use of plastic is a bit drawback when it comes to the brand name. With google home price India at 8k this is a decent choice for every household who seek a decent smart home device.

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  • Set up and performance:

Well, it’s quick and easy to set up this smart device, you just need to connect the Google Home with an active WiFi connection at home. Once the system is connected to the internet you just need to do some simple steps such as adding voice profiles, microphone testing, audio processing, and much more. Once the setup is complete, you can perform certain tasks in this device, such as playing music, news, seeking map information, etc.

We hope the above-mentioned details has helped you find out why Google Home and google home price India is the best smart device in the market. We hope to see you soon again with some more interesting articles.

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