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Education is one of the most important requirements for every student in the world, with the advancement of technology there are many alternative ways apart from books where students can gain knowledge. As we have discussed in our other articles most of the people in India uses smartphones. So, you can install several kinds of applications on your smartphones and use them on the go. In this article, we will list out some of the best apps students which will play a major role in the development and utilities of every student. Let us check out some of them below so that we get the exact information of what to use and how to use:

  • Evernote:

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Evernote is a note management app that keeps and manages all your notes in one place. This app is available at all the major smartphone platforms such as Android and iOS which is absolutely free. Now, you might think what is there in this app and why we call it best for students. Well, apart from storing your notes Evernote has the ability to sync all your databases to the mail id you preferred. So whichever device you use the data you stored in Evernote can be easily accessed. On the other hand, you can handwrite the notes, store image note, voice note as well.

  • Office Lens:

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Available for free to download that can be installed in Android, iOS and Windows the Office Lens has the ability to capture complex diagrams. So how it can be best apps students, this app basically uses the phone’s camera and takes the picture of any complex diagrams drawn anywhere. Thanks to the Office lens it can simply crop down the extra spaces from the diagram you clicked and then give you the proper geometrical diagram.

  • Oxford English:

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Well, the English dictionary is one of the most common requirements for every student in this world. With the Oxford dictionary app you can simply get the exact meaning of any words you search. Apart from meaning, you will also get synonyms, antonyms of the words you search. This dictionary app has a wide range of words which will help students to gain English knowledge and have the collection of stock of English words.

We hope the above-mentioned articles have helped you find some of the best apps students if you have any feedback related to this article then make sure you comment down below.

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