Best News Applications You Can Use It On Your Smart Phones

Those were the days are gone where we used to read full newspapers early morning and get various information and news of the latest incidents happening around the world. But nowadays since technology has taken a huge step upwards in terms of every aspect you can now see news on your smartphones as well. Since around 80% of Indians are Smartphone users so this article will help you find some of the best apps for news which you can use it on your smartphones easily and get information. There are hundreds of apps available on various platforms of smartphones in this article we will list out some of the best as per users point of view.

  • Google News:

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Google is said to be the one-stop place for every information you wish to search. It is the largest search engine around the world and with just your voice command you can get the exact information you want. If you want the fastest result for delivering the correct information on the latest happenings around the world then Google News is the best one you can go with. This app uses Artificial Intelligence techniques which delivers you the category of news you want to see, you can simply enable or disable the notifications of you want real-time news or not.

  • BBC News:

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BBC is said to be one of the best news agency and also recommended as best apps for news in the world, they are said to be best for providing the best information with the best use of English words and proper research as well. This news app shows news from all over the world, from different categories such as Political, Sports, Medical, Entertainment and many more. You can also live to stream its own channel in the app for free. Available in all the major platforms such as Android, IOS, Windows etc the BBC app is free to download and use.

  • Inshorts – 60 Words News Summary:

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If you hate reading long paragraphs of news articles then the Inshorts app will help you a lot. This app provides news and information with its title and content for only 60 words so that you have the patience of reading these articles and get relevant information without wasting your time. This is our personal favourite for reading the best news articles and getting the exact information on time.

We hope the above-mentioned list of best apps for news has helped you find the relevant information related to the topic we have discussed.

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